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Our mission is to transform you into an
EasyLanguage strategy developer.

Learn how to turn your ideas into trading systems.

Discover how to perform market studies to locate market edges.

Learn to thrive in the elite quantitative trading world.

Change Your Financial Future by
Learning to Code Your Ideas in EasyLanguage!

Learning the high-leverage skill to code in EasyLanguage is a game changer for you. You'll do what most others can only dream of doing.

EasyLanguage Mastery is the ultimate course for retail traders who wish to focus on the real skills that will turn them into winning traders.

Rise Above Average Traders

Discover the core principles to make you an EasyLanguage ninja! These are all practical skills every strategy developer must master if you want to build strategies.

  • Using EasyLanguage to perform market studies
  • check
    Making your strategy adapt to changing market conditions
  • check
    Using EasyLanguage for testing trading ideas
  • check
    How to use If-Then Statements and other conditional statements
  • check
    Properly defining and using variables
  • check
    Creating strategy inputs for stress testing
  • check
    Building functions for testing and rapid strategy prototyping
  • check
    Understanding and utilizing price data elements
  • check
    Building strategies that take advantage of another market
  • check
    Using TradeStation built-in reserved words and functions
  • check
    Sending information to a text file to import into Excel
  • How to find coding errors with proper debugging techniques
  • Perform market studies by sending information to an Excel spreadsheet
  • check
    Understand the power of creating functions to make your code efficient
  • check
    And more...

Learn How To Test Ideas Before Live Trading!

So many ideas we find on blogs, magazines or in books just don't work. You'll now have the power to test those ideas to see if they work or not. You'll separate the good from the bad! Tackle new trading ideas with the confidence of backtesting your ideas in EasyLanguage!

  • Perform Market Studies to determine which trading ideas work
  • Determine which trading styles work on best on what markets
  • Determine what time of day holds the more powerful edge
  • check
    Determine what day of the week you should avoid trading

Build amazing strategies...

...instead of wasting time on boring examples.   We learn EasyLanguage by actually building several different types of strategies...

  • Mean Reverting Strategies
  • Momentum Strategies
  • Intermarket Divergent Strategies
  • check
    Price Pattern Strategies
  • check
    Breakout Strategies

9-Week Mission To Change Your Trading Forever

This is a hands-on, practical, 9-week course designed to teach you EasyLanguage! Every week brings...

  • Weekly video training on learning the best tips and techniques
  • Weekly recorded live Q&A session where I review homework assignments and answer your questions
  • Weekly homework assignments so you can really understand the concepts
  • check
    Weekly quiz to test your knowledge so you you master what you learn!

Outstanding program!

I would very highly recommend this program to anyone interested in getting a strong and practical foundation in EasyLanguage. This class far exceeded my expectations. Outstanding program!


I found the course to be superb!

Jeff, you were amazingly generous in the time you spent thinking about and preparing the classes and then explaining things live in each class. I found the course to be superb.


Change Your Future - Master EasyLanguage!

You Learn All of This...

Week #1 Build Our First Strategy! 

We start buy building your first strategy and getting a deep understanding of how TradeStation code executes on a chart. This provides you with a solid foundation to master EasyLanguage.

Week #2 Price Action Strategies!

Here we expand into building strategies around price action. This allows you to test many different price patterns to see if they work or not. We go deeper into how TradeStation saves historical price data and how you can utilize this information to build strategies.

Week #3 Buy Strength or Weakness?

This is a great lesson on not just EasyLanguage but how to perform a market study before attempting to build a trading model. You'll discover a simple technique to help quickly discover what type of trading model may work well on several different markets.

Week #4 How Make Your Strategies Adaptive

This week is an in-depth look at building a strategy that changes to the market conditions. We build a strategy that will change its entry criteria and exit criteria based upon the current market. Very cool!

Week #5 Trade Multiple Timeframes!

Here we learn how to really boost your system development skills by using more than one market to make trading decisions. We discover how to use $TRIN and $TICK to help filter good trade setups. This can have a dramatic impact on your strategies performance.

Week #6 How to Build and Use Functions.

This is one of my favorites. This week is all about functions! Once you understand and master functions you can increase your effectiveness as a programmer and become deadly efficient at prototyping different trading ideas. A killer skill to have!

Week #7 How to Build Breakout Strategies.

Breakout strategies are so very popular and we can ignore them. We build both daily and intra-day breakout strategies. Some of these concepts are very powerful and have brought fame to many professional traders. Learn the pitfalls and code your own strategy shells to master breakouts.

Week #8 Send Data to a File.

Sending data to a file can be a huge help when testing a new strategy or if you want to import some data into an excel spreadsheet. In this lesson we learn this important skill of using EasyLanguage to send data to a file.

Week #9 Rapid Testing Techniques.

Building and testing strategies can take a long time as you probably know. Thus, it's important we leverage our time effectively. In this week's lesson I show you simple EasyLanguage technique to help you quickly test different strategy components so you can build more strategies in less time!

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  • 9-Week video training
  • Instant knowledge check Quizzes
  • Interactive Homework Workbook 
  • EasyLanguage strategy templates
  • Direct email support

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One of my best decisions in 2018!!!

I bought some books to learn programming in easy language but never really worked with it because it was to boring and difficult to understand when doing it alone. It really helped me to program some strategy ideas or to improve existing systems from me. Taking this ELM Course was one of my best decisions in 2018!!!


Learn To Code Strategies!

Like these...

We Build These (And More) In Class!

3 Easy Payments

Three payments for a total of $1,107




  • 9-Week video training
  • Instant knowledge check Quizzes
  • Interactive Homework Workbook 
  • EasyLanguage strategy templates
  • Direct email support

How Is The Class Structured?

1) The class will contain video lecture and recorded live Q&A once a week.

2) New content in the form of a video is released every seven days morning. This will include a video lesson, a short quiz and homework assignments.

3) The course does not cover object oriented EasyLanguage. It's traditional EasyLanguage only. The course has a heavy emphasis on practical examples which includes build mean reversion strategies, price based strategies, Intermarket Divergence strategies, and breakout strategies.

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