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Algorithmic Trading Tip – Building Risk Protection Into Your Trading

90% of traders out there build strategies the wrong way.  How do I know that?  It shows up in the statistics – most traders lose!When most traders build a strategy, they have one goal in mind – maximizing profits.  That’s not necessarily terrible all by itself – after all, you need profits to make it […]

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Rebalance Strategies

This is a simple technique that can increase returns per dollar traded. This blog will show an example of a simple strategy to demonstrate the advantages of Rebalance strategies.The base strategy is quite simple and uses all built-in signals inside of Build Alpha:Entries:RSI2 crosses above 15 and 20Vix term structure is positive (front two months, […]

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Why Trading The Wrong Timeframe is Killing Your Trading Account

What timeframe should you trade?Here is a big hint: the smaller the timeframe, the more difficult it is to develop a successful system. In other words, developing a system to trade on a 5-minute chart is more difficult than developing a system that trades on a daily bar.There is a lot more noise on the […]

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Do Stop Losses Always Work? (Can Stop Losses Fail?)

One of the most important aspects of trading is that of managing and preserving your capital. If you lose all of your trading capital, there is no way you can make back the lost amount, regardless of how profitable your strategy is.In order to protect themselves from outsize losing trades, many traders choose to use […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Python for Algorithmic Trading (And Easylanguage Instead)

When traders look into learning algorithmic trading, they have to choose not only a trading platform, but also a programming language. There are many options in the market, and while some use their own specific coding language platform, others use Python or C++.So why should you then not use Python in algorithmic trading? Well, the answer […]

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