I stopped losing money when l learned EasyLanguage and built my own trading systems.  


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Al Petrillo

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"It completely changed my perspective on how the code is constructed and written. I would say, please treat yourself to an eye opening experience."


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During this presentation, you'll learn how using EasyLanguage can be a massive game-changer for your trading. Learning EasyLanguage to build strategies is critical in our modern age of computer trading. Don't delay. Don't fall behind any further. This event could change how you trade forever.


Discover how EasyLanguage can end your losing streak and make you a winning trader!

I was once a losing trader. It was frustrating and humiliating to see most of my trades get stopped out again and again. Each month more money would drain from my account. That stopped when I learned EasyLanguage.


Learn My Proven 12-Step Process To Build Strategies

Learning EasyLanguage is not rocket science. With a little hard work and some persistence, you can learn too! I've developed a 12-step process that helps me avoid curve fitting and build strategies that work on the live market.


See How EasyLanguage can become your trading super power!

Most traders have no idea if a trade setup or strategy will work. But with EasyLanguage you can test ideas before putting money on the line. You can build strategies and backtest them. You'll gain a fantastic trading superpower when you can quantify your trading ideas.


About Jeff Swanson

Jeff Swanson is the founder of EasyLanguage Mastery, a website dedicated to helping EasyLanguage users become profitable. Jeff Swanson is a professionally trained software engineer with a bachelor's degree in computer science and minor in general mathematics who has been trading his own account since 2007. Jeff Swanson developed two outstanding video courses to help EasyLanguage enthusiasts gain the practical knowledge they need to become profitable trading using EasyLanguage.


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Learning EasyLanguage and discovering how to build strategies correctly is you gateway to becoming a successful trader and reaching your finanical goals.

Juan I Marquez

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"Once again thank you Jeff for putting it together, it really changed everything for me."

John Gattey

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"I have come away more confident and positive about EasyLanguage meeting my trading goals.

Al Petrillo

EasyLanguage User

"It completely changed my perspective on how the code is constructed and written. Please treat yourself to an eye opening experience."


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