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Hasani Gilling

My confidence skyrocket and I'm now about to dive back in to older codes and solve the problems of why they were not working. I feel more productive than ever. Thanks again!

 Juan Fernando G√≥mez

I learned how to know not to over fit strategies and make strategies to work on the live market. I am really grateful for Jeff!

Why You Should Become An Algo Trader!

Algo Trading Has Many Advantages

Algo Trading Has Many Advantages

Remove Emotion

Let's face it, emotions can be messy, especially when money's on the line. Algorithmic trading the computer trades for you without error or emotion. Perfect trade execution!

Do More, and Do It Faster

Why juggle ten balls when you can have multiple hands? Manage multiple trades simultaneously, trade various markets at once, and let the computer ensure everything runs like clockwork.

Backtesting - Your Time Machine

Dive into the past and see how a strategy would've played out. It's like having a crystal ball, giving you a peek into the potential future of your strategy.

Test Indicators & Price Patterns to See What Works!

Be the explorer of the trading world. Test new indicators, chart unknown territories, and discover hidden treasures that could give you the edge.

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