The complete, step-by-step formula to build winning strategies with Build Alpha

No Coding Required! Learn to use Build Alpha to create an unlimited number of trading systems FAST!

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Find Robust Trading Strategies Quickly and Easily Without Knowing How To Code!

Discover how using Build Alpha is helping people around the world build winning systems, and dramatically freeing up their time.


Building trading systems is a time-intensive endeavor. Spending hours and hours researching, coding, debugging, testing. Worst of all, most ideas tested don’t work. 

If you’re not using modern tools to help you locate, build, and validate trading systems, then you’re likely falling behind.

Don’t let this happen to you!

More savvy retail traders and trading firms are leveraging the power of computers to build and test trading systems. If you're not keeping up with the latest technology, you may be falling far behind.


Build Alpha is the modern way to build and test trading systems! 

  • No Coding Required
  • Works on all timeframes
  • Choose From Thousands Of Indicator Rules, Entry and Exit Types
  • Test millions of trading strategies using a powerful backtesting engine
  • Validate Strategy Robustness By Running Stress Tests
  • EXPORT Your Strategy To A Trading Platform & Automate Your Trading

What is Build Alpha?

Strategy Development

Build Alpha is a trading system development and research tool.

Build Alpha automatically generates unique trading strategies for nearly any instrument- forex, futures, or ETFs, alternative data and even cryptocurrencies.

The core of Build Alpha is a genetic algorithmic that lets you harness data mining and generate thousands of trading systems per second.

Strategy Validation

Avoid curve fitting with Build Alpha's unique set of robustness tests. With Build Alpha, you can find profitable trading strategies for any market, timeframe, and chart type.

Code Generation!

Build Alpha also generates strategy code so you don't have to! That's right, no coding required.

Press a button and Build Alpha will generate full strategy code for NinjaTrader’s C#, TradeStation’s EasyLanguage, and MultiChart’s PowerLanguage.

Imagine being able to build profitable trading systems without writing a single line of code. Just configure the easy-to-use interface, and let Build Alpha do all the hard work for you.

Stop wasting time on complicated coding languages like C++ or Python when it comes to building profitable trading systems. With Build Alpha's simple yet powerful platform, anyone can create their own.

How Build Alpha Traders Achieve More
By Doing Less

How can Build Alpha Help

Building and testing one or two strategies could take me 8 hours.
With Build Alpha, I can test dozens in one hour!

Build Strategies Faster With Lightning Speed!

A genetic algorithm-based engine takes care of strategy creation by assembling building blocks into a tradable strategy. 

Automated Programming!

You don’t need programming skills to start trading algorithmic strategies. With Build Alpha you can build, test and execute trading systems without ever knowing how to program.

Smash Curve Fitting!

Crush curve fitting with Build Alpha's robust and proprietary set of validation techniques. Following our guidelines will allow you to pass or fail a strategy without confusion. We can't eliminate curve fitting completely, but we've come a long way!



The complete, step-by-step formula to build winning strategies with Build Alpha without coding.


This video course isn't an information dump on how to use the features of Build Alpha. We give you a framework to build trading systems. We provide best practices to get the job done! We want to transform you into a system trader who can use Build Alpha to build winning systems.


What You’ll Get When You Join

We'll walk you through the steps to build and validate trading systems. All the videos will be available to view at your convenience. At the conclusion of the course, you'll have a clear path to building winning strategies! You'll get life-time access to the course and all future updates and additions.

Will My Strategy Work Live?

Discover How To Know If A Strategy Is Ready For The Live Market.

Crush curve fitting and prevent wasted dollars with confidence! How? By using Build Alpha's robust and proprietary set of validation techniques. Build Alpha software is aware of the overfitting-the-data problem. Thus, safeguards are in place to take appropriate action to reduce curve fitting during the data mining process. Secondly, we'll show how to pass or fail a strategy without confusion. So you can develop more strategies that make money on the live market.

Industry Standard Technology

Build Alpha was inspired from research for a high-frequency trading firm. Now you can have this technology on your desktop.

Build Alpha was created by Dave Bergstrom, who spent many years researching, building, testing, and implementing market-making and trading strategies for a high-frequency trading firm. Build Alpha brings cutting edge technology to your desktop, allowing you to effortlessly assemble strategies from thousands of signals and multiple data streams. In this course we'll show you the critical features needed to build modern trading systems that most algorithmic traders can only dream of.

A Framework for Building Strategies!

Discover The Crystal-Clear, Step-By-Step Framework For Building Trading Systems.

You want to build trading systems, but it's so confusing with all the options and features. Where to start? We'll fix this problem!  Go from confused and frustrated about having a clear path when you use our "Alpha Compass Guide." This guide walks you through the entire strategy building process for daily and intraday strategies. Eliminate confusion and overwhelm so you can get back to building systems that make you money.

Discover the "Holy Grail" of trading by building a portfolio of trading systems.

Create smooth equity curves and consistent profits.

If there ever were a "Holy Grail" of trading, many would consider it a trading portfolio of uncorrelated strategies. Why? Because when you combine uncorrelated strategies into a single portfolio, something magical happens. You get a smoother equity curve with less drawdown. Best of all, more consistent profits! Within this course, you'll learn how to construct your own "Holy Grail" portfolio to bring in the steady returns you deserve.


Alpha Compass gives you the knowledge and tools you need to reach the next level of success!

When you join you'll get immediate access to a four module on-demand video course. 


Module 1: Getting Up To Speed Quickly!

Learn to use the foundational features of Build Alpha to take a trading idea, validate it, and export the generated code to your trading platform. We'll be doing numerous step-by-step walkthroughs demonstrating how to create, validate, and export your strategy. Along the way, we'll highlight essential tips and techniques to maximize Build Alpha's features.

  • Master the core Build Alpha settings
  • Learn how to organize your Build Alpha files and settings to save time
  • Finish with a solid understanding on how to build and validate strategies.


Module 2: Learn To Avoid Curve Fitting!

We're going to level-up our strategy development by leveraging the power of Build Alpha to help you discover profitable trading systems. We'll utilize Build Alpha's advanced data mining capabilities and robust validation techniques to help ensure we're building profitable trading systems that will work on the live market.

  • How to discover profitable trading systems
  • Use genetic search to discover profitable trading signals
  • Build intraday trading systems
  • How to use Build Alpha to validate your strategies build outside of Build Alpha


Module 3: Discover Proprietary Workflows

Discover our step-by-step frameworks (cookbooks/playbooks) that walk you through the development process to build winning trading systems on the markets and timeframes you trade. We demonstrate frameworks for both daily and intraday strategies. We'll provide you with downloadable checklists, so you never have to wonder how to best use Build Alpha. Using these frameworks, you can potentially create an unlimited number of trading systems using Build Alpha.

  • Discover our step-by-step formula for using Build Alpha 
  • Avoid confusion by following our simple strategy building formula


Module 4: Creating Your "Holy Grail" Portfolio

Ray Dalio said the closest thing to a trading Holy Grail is trading a portfolio of uncorrelated strategies. We agree! Thus, in this module, you'll learn to construct your bulletproof portfolio of uncorrelated strategies so you can generate steady profits and reduce drawdown.

  • Discover how to bring in consistent income as a trader
  • How to combine strategies to maximize return and reduce drawdowns
  • If you want to trade for a living, you must watch the videos in this module


There is more!

Bonus 1
Private Build Alpha Forum on Circle

Share ideas, tips and even strategy code on a private Build Alpha forum on Circle. Circle is a new a powerful way to collaborate with other strategy traders. You get lifetime access to our community on Circle.

Bonus 2
Two Recorded Q&A Session

These were recorded during the VIP launch of Alpha Compass back in 2021 and 2022. You get access to the recording as Jeff Swanson answers questions about Build Alpha. 

Bonus 3
Validation Scorecard Spreadsheet

This fill-in-the-blank spreadsheet allows you to quickly discover if your newly created trading strategy is likely curve fit or not.

Bonus 4
Workflow Template Document

Use this document as a handy reference to walk you through the steps of how to build trading systems in Build Alpha.

Bonus 5
Access To Strategy Vault!

Here Are Some of The Strategies Found in Strategy Vault

All Out Of Sample
All Available For Download 

What is it? Strategy Vault is a collection of strategies our members have created. Some of these strategies are even being traded live by our members. To gain access to the Strategy Vault, you simply submit one of your own strategies that you built to share with other Alpha Compass studnts. Then, you can access our collection of all these strategies so you can use them in your own trading! What a great way to help you grow your portfolio! Currently, we have 22 strategies in our vault that are producing good results!
Here are a few of the equity curves - all on out-of-sample data!

YM On 30 Minute Chart

GC On 30 Minute Chart

ES On Daily Chart


About The Course Teacher,
Jeff Swanson

Jeff Swanson is the founder of EasyLanguage Mastery, a popular EasyLanguage focused website. This course teaches you Jeff's most popular tips and techniques on utilizing Build Alpha to build and test trading systems. Jeff has a degree in theoretical computer science and a minor in general mathematics. Jeff has been system trading using EasyLanguage since 2008.



Save time, remove confusion and start building real trading systems!

Build Alpha requires no coding, removes the drudgery of building and testing strategies, and saves you a bunch of time so you can focus on what matters to you.

Remove confusion & Overwhelm

Are you confused about how to use Build Alpha?

Do you have Build Alpha but, how to use it? How do I validate a strategy? What features should I use, and which ones to ignore? Get up to speed quickly with Alpha Compass. Go from confused and frustrated to seeing the path clearly. Alpha Compass will show you short and simple lessons on what you need to focus on to use Build Alpha effectively.

Get up to speed quickly with Alpha Compass.

Go from confused and frustrated to seeing the path clearly. Alpha Compass will show you short and simple lessons on what you need to focus on to use Build Alpha effectively.

More Time for WHat Matters TO You

Do you want to free up time to spend with family or other endeavors?

After learning to use Build Alpha, you can build more strategies in less time. What used to take me 10-14 hours, I can get done in under 60 minutes! Learning Build Alpha will allow you to spend more time with family, friends, or pursuing your hobbies.

Are you too busy to spend hours and hours writing code, developing and testing strategies?

I understand. Building strategies the old-fashioned way takes a lot of time and effort. Back then, being a skilled computer programmer was a must. Building and testing one or two strategies could take me 8 hours! With Build Alpha, I can test dozens in one hour! Build Alpha requires no coding and removes the drudgery of building and testing strategies. It also dramatically speeds up the development process.

Start That Trading Business

Do you wish you could trade full-time and maybe even quit your day job?

Build Alpha is a professional-level trading system toolkit that requires no coding, so you can focus on building strategies TODAY! With the proper training and dedication, you can learn to build trading systems and combine those strategies into profit-making portfolios. This will allow you to jump-start your trading career. Think of the time you'll save from not having to learn a computer language! It's possible you can become a full-time trader. It's all up to you! 

Do you want to make extra cash in your free time?

You don't need to trade full-time to make extra cash. Build Alpha is ideally suited for the part-time trader who wants to bring in some extra money. Leverage Build Alpha's powerful features to maximize your effectiveness so you can build strategies in your spare time.

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Let's Do This Together!

I've been building trading systems since 2008. I love it when a trading system I created generates cash on the live market. So exciting! Over the years, I've learned a lot about strategy development and have also come to realize I get great satisfaction with sharing my knowledge, tips, and ideas with other traders like you.

I'm very proud of Alpha Compass. I put a lot of effort into it and plan on expanding the course over the coming months and years. I believe Build Alpha will be critical to my success and to your success as an algorithmic trader.

I see Build Alpha as the future in strategy development. I hope you'll sign up so I can help you better understand how to use Build Alpha so you can build winning strategies!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Money back guarantee?

If you purchase our online course, Alpha Compass, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for some reason, you are not happy, we will refund you the total amount. Sorry, there are no refunds issued 30 days after your purchase.

Please note, there are NO REFUNDS on the Build Alpha software. 

What are the payment methods?

You can pay via Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, or Paypal.

Is it true that I don't need to know how to code? 

Yes, that's true. You can build, test, and execute strategies without knowing how to write computer code.

Is there support provided for the Alpha Compass course?

There is a private chat feature within the member's website where you can communicate with Jeff Swanson and other students.

Please note, all Build Alpha feature questions, or technical issues should be handled by contacting the David Bergstrom of Build Alpha.

Is there support provided for the Build Alpha Compass software?

Jeff Swanson does not provide support for Build Alpha. All Build Alpha feature questions or technical issues should be handled by contacting the David Bergstrom of Build Alpha.

Do I get free updates to the course?

Yes! You get access to all updates to the course. So, if a new video is created or a new handout is created, you get access.

How many hours of training videos do I get?

You get access to over 7 hours training videos. 

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