How EasyLanguage Can Help You Become A Profitable Algorithmic Trader

Make Trading Decision based Upon Evidence!

Coder Edition

Everything You Need To Turn Your Ideas
Into EasyLanguage

The Coder Edition is a 9 week, hands-on experience designed to transform you into a skilled EasyLanguage strategy developer!  Every strategy trader must learn a language. Lets master EasyLanguage togther!


Build Your First Strategy

We start by building your first strategy and understanding how TradeStation code executes on a chart. This lesson provides you with a solid foundation to master EasyLanguage.


Build Price Action Strategies

Here we expand into building strategies around price action. This allows you to test many different price patterns to see whether they work. We investigate how TradeStation saves historical price data and how you can utilize this information to build strategies.


Build Insightful Market Studies To Find Out What Works Or Not!

This is an excellent lesson on not just EasyLanguage but how to perform a market study before attempting to build a trading model. You'll discover a simple technique to help quickly learn what type of trading model may work well on different markets.


Make Your Strategies Adapt To Changing Market Conditions

This week is an in-depth look at building a strategy that changes market conditions. We create a strategy that will change its entry and exit criteria based on the current market. Very cool!


Trade Multiple Timeframes

Here we learn how to boost your system development skills by using more than one market to make trading decisions. We discover how to use $TRIN and $TICK to help filter good trade setups. This can have a dramatic impact on your strategy's performance.


Pro Coding Techniques So You Make Less Mistakes

This is one of my favorites. This week is all about functions! Once you understand and master functions, you can increase your effectiveness as a programmer and become deadly efficient at prototyping different trading ideas. A killer skill to have!


How To Build Breakout Strategies

Breakout strategies are so popular, and we can't ignore them. We build both daily and intra-day breakout strategies. These concepts are compelling and have brought fame to many professional traders. Learn the pitfalls and code your strategy shells to master breakouts.


How To Send Data To Excel

Sending data to a file can be a huge help when testing a new strategy or if you want to import some data into an Excel spreadsheet. In this lesson, we learn the critical skill of using EasyLanguage to send data to a file.


Rapid Strategy Development Tips

Building and testing strategies can take a long time, as you probably know. Thus, we must leverage our time effectively. In this week's lesson, I show you simple EasyLanguage techniques to help you quickly test different strategy components so you can build more strategies in less time!

In addition the Coder Edition Gets You This!

System Development Master Class is an incredible hands-on and personal experience for learning EasyLanguage.

1-on-1 Interaction 

Every week, new training videos are released that will help you master the material. You are also given practical EasyLanguage assignments that cover the material you just learned. These assignments are critical to transforming you into a successful trader. Place your EasyLanguage answers in a shared Google document.  Jeff Swanson will personally review your work and answer your questions. 

Lifetime Access To Private Community on Circle.

You can interact directly with Jeff Swanson and other students by using our private community on Circle. Circle is a website and phone app that you can use to get questions answered, share ideas with other students, and privately message your instructor, Jeff Swanson.

Interact with Jeff and other traders on Circle.

Learn to build systems like this!

Build Dozens Of Example Strategies!

We don't waste your time with boring examples. We learn EasyLanguage by actually building several different types of strategies...

  • Mean Reverting Strategies
  • Momentum Strategies
  • Intermarket Divergent Strategies
  • Price Pattern Strategies
  • Breakout Strategies

You're going to walk away with a healthy library of EasyLanguage strategies that will keep you busy for the next year!

Master The Skills To Become A
Profitable Algo Trader

  • Learn To Use EasyLanguage Like A Pro!
  • Avoid Curve Fitting to build systems that Work!
  • Learn how to bring in consistent money as a trader.