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What is System Development Master Class?

System Development Master Class (SDMC) is an online workshop designed to teach you EasyLanguage and show you how to create an unlimited number of trading systems that work on the live market.

SDMC is NOT your typical online training course! Far from it. As soon as you join, you'll discover SDMC is an implementation program where we build a complete trading system...TOGETHER!

Learn To Turn Your Ideas Into Easylanguage

Learn to turn your trading ideas into EasyLanguage code! This is a vital skill you must master if you want to be a profitable trader. You'll discover exactly what you need to know to get you up-to-speed as an effective strategy developer!

Build And Validate  Strategies To Avoid Cuve Fitting

Learn a profitable step-by-step method for building trading systems with our unique Profit Lab Method of strategy development. Pour gasoline on your development process to create dozens of new strategies each week with our proprietary EasyLanguage tools.

Build More Strategies Faster With Our Templates!

I'll give you my "Rapid Strategy Development Templates" designed to speed up the development process dramatically. With these EasyLanguage templates, you'll be building and testing dozens of strategies every week!

Take a strategy to the live market!

We build a course in class together. I even take this strategy to the live market. You can too, even if you never have before. I give you my best tips and techniques for going live and tracking a strategy so you know exactly when to stop trading a poor performing strategy.

What Past Students Have Said…

The course is awesome, I really learn a lot right from the beginning...You've put together excellent materials, like this Excel file for the development process, a fantastic way to keep everything under control.

Andrei Popovici

Thanks for the excellent insight and solution to live testing strategies.  Another hurdle on the path to profits cleared thanks to you!

Adam Thomas

Last year was my first successful year system trading, and I owe much of my success to your program. Thank you!

Jim ​Watt

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