Discover a simple process to build  winning trading systems like clockwork!

Become an algorithmic trader by building, validating and deploying winning trading systems by following a simple 10-step formula.


Everything You Need To Build & Validate
Winning Trading Systems

Phase 2 of SDMC is a 5-week hands-on experience building and validating trading systems. We build a trading system in class, and you walk away with the skill and tools to build unlimited strategies like a pro!


Never Run Out Of Trading Ideas!

Ready to get to work? Great! Here we dive into the first two steps of the development process. First, define your key idea. Second, defining our testing environment. We also cover where to find a profitable idea and how to quickly test those ideas to see if they are robust or not. Finally, we learn to use Evernote, so we never forget an idea!


Learn To Build Systems While Avoiding Curve Fitting

The sanity check is a quick method for cutting through the clutter of unproductive ideas to focus your time on the best Key Ideas. Here we are going to stress test our Key Idea by varying the default values of critical parameters. Often these are input values to the trading model. We want to see if your Key Idea's performance will hold up with different values. If it does, this demonstrates robustness. A system that shows robustness is more likely to work on the live market.


Build More Systems Faster and Ever!

Learn powerful and simple techniques to help make your Key Ideas adaptive to the overall market conditions. Discover a two-dimensional market filter that allows you to divide the market into four different states.


Discover How To Build Consistent Income From Trading

This lesson teaches us how to test different entry methods, filters, and exits properly. We want to see if we can modify our baseline system into a more profitable trading model while reducing the chance of curve fitting.


Work With Jeff Swanson to Build A Strategy

We work together taking one of your trading ideas to see if we can build a winning strategy. This is an excellent opportunity for you to master our development process to ensure you understand the process in detail.

Within The Builder Phase You Get This!

Strategy Development Notes Workbook

This workbook is the heart of our Profit Lab Method of strategy development. We treat building strategies like science! You fill in the blanks to construct a trading system. Simple!

Algorithmic Trading

A Live Trading System!

We build an intraday breakout strategy for the E-mini S&P futures. This strategy trades on a 5-minute chart. It's a real trading, and we'll build it together so you can see how to create trading systems step by step.

Access To Our Secret Fellowship Group!

Fellowship is a group of private trades who completed the SDMC course. We meet once a month and share trading ideas. We have created a database of strategies called Strategy Vault. You can download the source code and use these strategies in your trading. You get six free months of access to this group, including access to all code!

Lifetime Access To Private Community on Circle.

Interact directly with Jeff Swanson and other students via our private community on Circle. Circle is a web-based and available on your phone as an app. Access to the Circle extends through class for six months after the course completes.

Access To Live Q&A Calls

Get your questions answered on our weekly Live Q&A calls. You also get access to over six hours of past recorded calls. These past calls can be a goldmine of value!

Rapid Strategy Development Templates

You get a fantastic suite of EasyLanguage templates that help you build trading systems faster than ever! What's cool about these templates is they can generate the EasyLanguage code for a strategy with the push of a button! So, this will save you a ton of time on programming.

These templates are not for sale to the general public!

Watch How Fast I Create A Trading System With My Custom Templates!

Learn to be able to achieve this incredible goal of building a trading system fast!

Master The Skills To Become A
Profitable Algo Trader

  • Learn To Use EasyLanguage Like A Pro!
  • Avoid Curve Fitting to build systems that Work!
  • Learn how to bring in consistent money as a trader.