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Stop Wasting Time and Money On Losing Strategies and Build Profitable Strategies With This Proven Blueprint!

Most system traders are going to fail but that does not have to be you!

Did you know most system developers are making the same damaging mistakes over and over? To make matters worse, most system developers do not take the time to create a development process. They don't have a set of repeatable steps that they can count on to guide them through their entire development process. Instead, they take a haphazard approach. The result is they make the same mistake again and again. They build a system that doesn't work.

Big whoops!

Building a trading system can be an overwhelming experience. That's why most people don't make it. They never get off the ground and never make real money trading.

Over the years, I compiled my development notes into a repeatable process that I call my Profit Lab Method. That, my friend, is when I stopped losing money, and my trading life changed forever!

I want to show you my process so you can put it to use in your trading!

I'm here to tell you that you need to take it seriously and develop a successful trading system process.

Let me show you the steps I take to help ensure I'm building trading systems that work in the live market. Having a proper process will help you crush the curve-fitting problem so your systems will be more likely to work in the live market.

Let me show you how I build winning systems.

System Development Master Class

System Development Master Class (SDMC) is an online workshop designed to teach you EasyLanguage and show you how to create an unlimited number of trading systems that work on the live market.

SDMC is NOT your typical online training course! Far from it. As soon as you join, you'll discover SDMC is an implementation program where we build a complete trading system...TOGETHER! 

After joining, you'll discover how to use EasyLanguage like a profitable trader and discover my exact blueprint for building strategies. I show you exactly how I take a trading idea and turn it into a complete trading system - step by step! SDMC Full Experience consists both editions of the course. It's a 14-week, hands-on experience that reveals how to program in EasyLanguage and our proprietary Profit Lab Method for building trading systems.

Get more done, faster, with less effort!

Who Is This Class For?

Traders who don't know how code in EasyLanguage

Are you still not

making money trading the markets with your trading systems?

Traders who are not yet trading live or bring in consitant cash

Are you frustrated with your development process not bringing in the returns you want?

Traders Who want to Build and test Strategies Faster 

Do you want to speed up your development process so you can build more strategies?

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Learn to turn your ideas into EasyLanguage!

As soon as you join System Development Master Class, we begin to transform you into a skilled EasyLanguage strategy developer. You'll be given an easy-to-follow path to grow your EasyLanguage skills. Each week, I review your progress and help you along the way.

Easily find out what indicators or price patterns work for your trading style!

Learning EasyLanguage is more than merely learning to build trading systems. You'll discover how to use EasyLanguage to data-mine for profitable ideas and discover how to test indicators to see if they work for the markets you trade. Knowing EasyLanguage makes the markets more transparent.

Crush curve fitting!

Discover my "Independent Methodology" designed to build systems that work on the live market! I'll show you how to optimize correctly, avoid curve fitting, and locate trading ideas that can potentially be profitable trading systems.

Spend less time developing trading systems!

I'll give you my "Rapid Strategy Development Templates" designed to speed up the development process dramatically. With these EasyLanguage templates, you'll be building and testing dozens of strategies every week!

Take a strategy to the live market!

We build a course in class together. I even take this strategy to the live market. You can too, even if you never have before. I give you my best tips and techniques for going live and tracking a strategy so you know exactly when to stop trading a poor performing strategy.

Reach your financial goals!

I will provide you with a complete blueprint on building and testing called my "Profit Lab Method." You can apply this to any instrument, any timeframe! You'll also avoid many of the common mistakes so many people make. You'll have the know-how to build more and more strategies to reach your financial goals.

The Promise of the Course

You will learn how to utilize EasyLanguage, build, test, and take live trading strategies. You'll be given a set of proprietary tools, EasyLanguage templates, and knowledge to create an unlimited number of trading systems.

Two Editions

Which Edition is
Right For You?

Coder Edition

This 9-week course will show you how to turn your trading ideas into EasyLanguage code! Writing EasyLanguage code is a fundamental skill you must master to be a profitable system trader. You'll discover what you need to know to get you up to speed as an effective strategy developer!

Builder Edition

This 5-week course will show you our propriety framework, The Profit Lab Method. The Profit Lab Method is our blueprint for building and validating winning systems. Discover our unique insights into the process of building profitable trading systems. We'll show you how to identify good filters, capture opportunities accurately, and avoid common pitfalls that cost traders money!

Coder Edition

Everything You Need To Turn Your Ideas
Into EasyLanguage

The Coder Edition is a 9 week, hands-on experience designed to transform you into a skilled EasyLanguage strategy developer!  Every strategy trader must learn a language. Lets master EasyLanguage togther!


Build Your First Strategy

We start by building your first strategy and understanding how TradeStation code executes on a chart. This lesson provides you with a solid foundation to master EasyLanguage.


Build Price Action Strategies

Here we expand into building strategies around price action. This allows you to test many different price patterns to see whether they work. We investigate how TradeStation saves historical price data and how you can utilize this information to build strategies.


Build Insightful Market Studies To Find Out What Works Or Not!

This is an excellent lesson on not just EasyLanguage but how to perform a market study before attempting to build a trading model. You'll discover a simple technique to help quickly learn what type of trading model may work well on different markets.


Make Your Strategies Adapt To Changing Market Conditions

This week is an in-depth look at building a strategy that changes market conditions. We create a strategy that will change its entry and exit criteria based on the current market. Very cool!


Trade Multiple Timeframes

Here we learn how to boost your system development skills by using more than one market to make trading decisions. We discover how to use $TRIN and $TICK to help filter good trade setups. This can have a dramatic impact on your strategy's performance.


Pro Coding Techniques So You Make Less Mistakes

This is one of my favorites. This week is all about functions! Once you understand and master functions, you can increase your effectiveness as a programmer and become deadly efficient at prototyping different trading ideas. A killer skill to have!


How To Build Breakout Strategies

Breakout strategies are so popular, and we can't ignore them. We build both daily and intra-day breakout strategies. These concepts are compelling and have brought fame to many professional traders. Learn the pitfalls and code your strategy shells to master breakouts.


How To Send Data To Excel

Sending data to a file can be a huge help when testing a new strategy or if you want to import some data into an Excel spreadsheet. In this lesson, we learn the critical skill of using EasyLanguage to send data to a file.


Rapid Strategy Development Tips

Building and testing strategies can take a long time, as you probably know. Thus, we must leverage our time effectively. In this week's lesson, I show you simple EasyLanguage techniques to help you quickly test different strategy components so you can build more strategies in less time!

In addition the Coder Edition Gets You This!

System Development Master Class is an incredible hands-on and personal experience for learning EasyLanguage.

1-on-1 Interaction 

Every week, new training videos are released that will help you master the material. You are also given practical EasyLanguage assignments that cover the material you just learned. These assignments are critical to transforming you into a successful trader. Place your EasyLanguage answers in a shared Google document.  Jeff Swanson will personally review your work and answer your questions. 

Lifetime Access To Private Community on Circle.

You can interact directly with Jeff Swanson and other students by using our private community on Circle. Circle is a website and phone app that you can use to get questions answered, share ideas with other students, and privately message your instructor, Jeff Swanson.

Interact with Jeff and other traders on Circle.

Learn to build systems like this!

Build Dozens Of Example Strategies!

We don't waste your time with boring examples. We learn EasyLanguage by actually building several different types of strategies...

  • Mean Reverting Strategies
  • Momentum Strategies
  • Intermarket Divergent Strategies
  • Price Pattern Strategies
  • Breakout Strategies

You're going to walk away with a healthy library of EasyLanguage strategies that will keep you busy for the next year!

Builder Edition

Everything You Need To Build & Validate
Winning Trading Systems

The Builder Edition is an 5 week, hands-on experience on building and validating trading systems. Learn to build and validate strateiges like a pro.


Never Run Out Of Trading Ideas!

Ready to get to work? Great! Here we dive into the first two steps of the development process. First, define your key idea. Second, defining our testing environment. We also cover where to find a profitable idea and how to quickly test those ideas to see if they are robust or not. Finally, we learn to use Evernote, so we never forget an idea!


Learn To Build Systems While Avoiding Curve Fitting

The sanity check is a quick method for cutting through the clutter of unproductive ideas to focus your time on the best Key Ideas. Here we are going to stress test our Key Idea by varying the default values of critical parameters. Often these are input values to the trading model. We want to see if your Key Idea's performance will hold up with different values. If it does, this demonstrates robustness. A system that shows robustness is more likely to work on the live market.


Build More Systems Faster and Ever!

Learn powerful and simple techniques to help make your Key Ideas adaptive to the overall market conditions. Discover a two-dimensional market filter that allows you to divide the market into four different states.


Discover How To Build Consistent Income From Trading

This lesson teaches us how to test different entry methods, filters, and exits properly. We want to see if we can modify our baseline system into a more profitable trading model while reducing the chance of curve fitting.


Work With Jeff Swanson to Build A Strategy

We work together taking one of your trading ideas to see if we can build a winning strategy. This is an excellent opportunity for you to master our development process to ensure you understand the process in detail.

In addition the Builder Edition Gets You This!

Strategy Development Notes Workbook

This workbook is the heart of our Profit Lab Method of strategy development. We treat building strategies like science! Every scientist needs a lab notebook, and this is it! We provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide. You fill in the blanks to construct a trading system. This workbook gives you guidance and reassurance so you'll never miss anything. Make a new copy of our workbook every time you create a strategy and follow the steps. Simple!

Confidence Interval Spreadsheet

Another tool in our bag of tricks to determine if a trading model is likely to work on the live market is our Confidence Interval test. With this test, we'll show you how likely the equity curve will continue to remain positive or how likely it is to fail.

Algorithmic Trading

Lifetime Access To Private Community on Circle.

Interact directly with Jeff Swanson and other students via our private community on Circle. Circle is a web-based and available on your phone as an app. Access to the Circle extends through class for six months after the course completes.

A Live Trading System!

We build an intraday breakout strategy for the E-mini S&P futures. This strategy trades on a 5-minute chart. It's a real trading, and we'll build it together so you can see how to create trading systems step by step.

Access To Our Secret Fellowship Group!

Fellowship is a group of private trades who completed the SDMC course. We meet once a month and share trading ideas. That's right! We share trading ideas and strategy code. You get six free months of access to this group, including access to all code!

These templates are not for sale to the general public!

Monte Carlo Spreadsheet

A critical step in the validation of our trading model is the Monte Carlo test. We use this test to determine:
1) What type of drawdown can we expect in the future?

2) What is our Risk of Ruin?

3) What size of trading account do we need?

Null Hypothesis Spreadsheet

Do your trading models have a real edge in the market? Using the Null Hypothesis can help with this question.

Access To Live Q&A Calls

Get your questions answered on our weekly Live Q&A calls. You also get access to over six hours of past recorded calls. These past calls can be a goldmine of value!

Rapid Strategy Development Templates

You get a fantastic suite of EasyLanguage templates that help you build trading systems faster than ever! What's cool about these templates is they can generate the EasyLanguage code for a strategy with the push of a button! So, this will save you a ton of time on programming.

These templates are not for sale to the general public!

"First Successful Year System Trading"-- Jim Watt

We get amazing feedback about our course all the time. 

Andrei Popovici

This course is awesome!

The course is awesome, I really learn a lot right from the beginning...You've put together excellent materials, like this Excel file for the development process, a fantastic way to keep everything under control.

Jim Watt

First Successful Year System Trading!

Last year was my first successful year system trading, and I owe much of my success to your program. Thank you!

Adam Thomas

Excellent Insight!

Thanks for the excellent insight and solution to live testing strategies.  Another hurdle on the path to profits cleared thanks to you!


SDMC Is Workshop!

From the first moment you join, you’ll be getting constant wins, building momentum, and knowing exactly what your mission is and what you’re working toward. No more feeling lost or feeling overwhelmed. You’ll have my personal support and guidance to keep you powering through and getting results!

SDMC is an experiential course. An experiential course means I’m going to walk you through the step-by-step process of how you can do it yourself. You learn EasyLanguage by doing hands-on, practical examples. We’ll build a trading system together. The course is not theoretical. We put what we learn into action!

That’s priceless!

By the end of the program, you’ll know exactly how to do it because you’ll have done it. You can’t get that by trying to do it alone.

System Development Workbook
Never Miss A Step!

At the start of the course, you're given a workbook that walks you through our development steps. This workbook is our lab notebook as we discover what works and does not work with our trading idea. It will become an indispensable asset during the development process. You can make an unlimited number of copies as you create more and more strategies.

1-on-1 consultations
Work With Jeff!

 I want to ensure you don't have questions when learning EasyLanguage or on my Profit Lab Method of building trading systems. To ensure understanding, I will work with you to create another strategy. We'll take one of your Key Ideas to build a strategy. I'll be reviewing your work and leaving feedback via comments or videos. If you get stuck on a concept, we can meet on Zoom to resolve the issue together.

Rapid Strategy Development Templates
Your Strategy Generator!

Some people buy the course to get these! You're given a propriety set of EasyLanguage functions and strategies that can be used to help build trading systems. Best of all, they also generate the EasyLanguage code! It's a fantastic timesaver. 


About The Course Teacher,
Jeff Swanson

Jeff Swanson is the founder of EasyLanguage Mastery, a popular EasyLanguage-focused website. Jeff is also the creator of System Development Master Class, where students learn to code in EasyLanguage and build winning strategies. This course teaches you Jeff's "Profit Lab" method of making profitable trading strategies. Jeff has a degree in theoretical computer science and a minor in general mathematics. Jeff has been system trading using EasyLanguage since 2009.


Here’s what people are saying about Jeff Swanson 

Patrick Keating



Jeff is an impressive teacher

Jeff is an impressive teacher and there is very little fluff here. Every lesson is meaningful and builds off previous lessons. He also provides a level of interaction and support that I think a lot of other educators out there throw out the door as soon as they receive your hard earned money.




You are a talented teacher!

In particular, let me compliment you on your style and approach. You bring a clarity and realism to the discussion that is just missing. I have found all of your work to be exceptional and of the highest quality. You are a talented teacher!




Jeff is a natural teacher

Jeff is a natural teacher, there's no skipping around and going off in tangents, and there's no hidden agenda - he simply provides a well put together course and delivers more than advertised.

Learn The Required Skills

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Enrollment Closes December 15 @5:00 PM Central

coder edition

Skill 1

Master EasyLanguage


  • Lifetime access to 9 in-depth EasyLanguage video training modules and all future updates
  • Private 1-on-1 interaction with Jeff Swanson as he reviews your weekly programming assignments.
  • Three live group Q&A Calls with Jeff Swanson and access to recorded Q&A with past students.
  • Instant knowledge-check quizzes after each module
  • Strategy templates, example code and functions
  • Lifetime a access our community on Circle where you can interact with other students and Jeff Swanson
  • Strategy templates, example code and functions
  • 9-Weeks of direct email support from Jeff Swanson


Skill 2

Build/Valid Strategies


  • Life-time access to 18 in-depth strategy building video training modules and all future updates
  • Two live group Q&A Calls with Jeff Swanson and access to recorded Q&A with past students.
  • Access to Jeff's Propraitary Rapid Strategy Development Templates
  • Fully working intraday breakout strategy for E-mini S&P
  • Six hours of recorded live office calls with past students.
  • Three excel strategy validation templates
  • Lifetime a access our community on Circle where you can interact with other students and Jeff Swanson
  • 9-Weeks of direct email support from Jeff Swanson
  • Strategy Development Notes workbook to guide you through the development process
  • Six month access SDMC Fellowship community on Circle after course is completed. Exclusive group of traders who have completed SDMC, where we share trading ideas and meet-up once per month on Zoom.

Full Expereince Edition

Skill 1 & 2

Learn EasyLanguage, Build/Validate Strategies


Get everything from CODER & BUILDER plus...

  • You get instant savings of $497 over taking CODER and BUILDER separately.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't find the class helpful within 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. No Questions Asked! We'll be happy to return your money.

We're Sure You're Going to Love System Development Master Class!

Our Students Love This Course!

Video Testimonials

This course should be offered by TradeStation!

Should I take the course? 

Mitch Barosin
SDMC Client

I could not code before!

E. Alexander Gothard
SDMC Client

What Did You Like Most?

Mitch Barosin
SDMC Client

What Did You Like Most About the Course?

James Parker
SDMC Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a coding class?

Yes! If you take the CODING Edition of the course. This portion of the course is all about learning to code in EasyLanguage.

Will Your Course Work For Any Market?

Yes! You can apply my "Profit Lab Method" of strategy development to build profitable trading systems to any market on any timeframe.

Do I need TradeStation?

This course is taught using TradeStation. However, MultiCharts, will also work.

I have MultiCharts, can I take your course?

YES! While I highly recommend TradeStation, you can MultiCharts.

Ask Jeff A Question Now!

A Personal Note From Jeff Swanson

I think having a process to build trading systems is a must-have! Remember, every time you put on a trade, you're competing against brilliant and well-funded individuals and institutions. In such a competitive arena, you must be armed with the right knowledge, a reliable process, and the right tools to make a consistent profit.

The techniques in System Development Master Class are my propitiatory methods and tools that I use. I want to share them with you.

Please join me, and together we can build winning trading systems!

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