Become A Profitable System Trader

Master the fundamental skills to build an unlimited number of trading systems and
generate consistent income from trading!

Master EasyLanguage in 9 Weeks!

SDMC Coder Edition

This 9-week course will show you how to turn your trading ideas into EasyLanguage code! Writing EasyLanguage code is a fundamental skill you must master to be a profitable system trader. You'll discover what you need to know to get you up to speed as an effective strategy developer. SDMC Coder Edition is a coding class and is your first step to becoming a profitable quantitative trader.

Build and Validate Trading Systems!

SDMC Builder Edition

This 5-week course (SDMC Builder Edition) will show you our propriety framework, The Profit Lab Method. The Profit Lab Method is our blueprint for building and validating winning systems. Discover our unique insights into the process of building profitable trading systems. We'll show you how to identify good filters, capture opportunities accurately, and avoid common pitfalls that cost traders money!

Build Trading Systems Without Coding!

Alpha Compass

Don't want to learn how to code? What to discover a new way to build trading systems. Alpha Compass is the complete, step-by-step formula to build winning strategies using the strategy-building tool, Build Alpha. Learn to use Build Alpha to create an unlimited number of trading systems FAST without knowing how to code.

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