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Can You Time the Market Using Nothing But Moon Cycles?

Many moons ago… (see what I did there) when I was in my infancy as a trader, I was a regular in a chat room of what used to be pivotfarm where they had a free tool in beta testing that was basically an audio “tape reader.” It would make popcorn sounds when big selling […]

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Testing A Simple Gap Strategy

I was recently reading a book (more like a pamphlet, it’s only 93 pages), “Seven Trading Systems for the S&P Futures” by David Bean. I’m always interested in “older” books that have defined rules based systems in them to see if they really stood up to the test of time, and to kind of have an […]

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The Simplest System You’ll Ever Find for the S&P E-mini


Warren Buffet has been quoted many times as saying, “If I don’t understand it, I don’t invest in it, no matter how attractive it may appear.” I love that quote for a number of reasons, but I think it’s a great advice for system traders as well. We (myself included) have a tendency to get […]

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A Different Kind of System…

So I’ve got this great new system I wanted to share: it wins 57% of the time with a great sample size of 915 trades, only risks a meager $100 a trade, has a max drawdown of $700, has made money 9 out of the past 10 years, has a nice steady equity curve, and […]

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