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Will A Synthetic VIX Help Your Trading?

On a recent discussion on our EasyLanguage Mastery FaceBook group, a reader pointed out an interesting indicator called, VIX Fix. The VIX Fix was designed by Larry Williams to overcome the limitations of the VIX. What would that be? It’s only available for the S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite, and DJIA. But what about the other […]

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How to Transform any Indicator in Histogram

In this EasyLanguage Tutorial, we show you how to use the TradeStation Histogram visual mode. Many traders don’t like to have the chart flooded with lines, drawings, and indicators.They prefer to see the naked price. Let’s take a simple example of a Moving Average from this link. This moving average has an active slope function […]

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Better RSI Entries

Mean reversion systems, such as those based on RSI, suffer significant performance degradation when stop losses are applied for risk control. In previous posts, I shared how one could create more powerful RSI systems by using adaptive periodicity and multi-state regime classifiers.The key idea for better RSI entries is that there may be a unique optimal RSI […]

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Does The Predictive Voss Indicator Work?

The August 2019 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine John Ehlers proposed an interesting looking indicator. This indicator is a cycle indicator that John called a Voss filter. The name of the article is “A Peek Into The Future.” Of course, this indicator is not magic. We’re not looking into the future […]

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Testing For Correct Time Window in EasyLanguage

In issue #1 of the 2019 Future Truth Magazine, George Pruitt proves a solution for the problem of 0:00 time in EasyLanguage. What problem is that?Let’s take a look at George’s example. He proposes tracking the highest high and lowest low in the overnight session on an intraday bar chart. Let’s say we want to […]

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Testing the Sell RSI Indicator​

In the February 2019 issue of Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities appeared an article called, “Sell Relative Strength Index” by Howard Wang. He proposed a modified RSI indicator. He calls it the Sell RSI or sRSI for short.  This indicator is attempting to quantify the strength of sell-offs vs. the size of accumulated profit. The […]

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