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Going Live With Automation

Going live with an automated strategy is one of the coolest, but also scariest things you can do in trading. Here you are letting a computer trade with your hard earned money. Theoretically, the computer makes ALL the buying and selling decisions except for rollover trades. Many people simply can’t do it – the stress […]

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Why You Need To Trade Live NOW!

I’m often asked, how will I know when a trading system is ready to go live? After much testing and verification the performance report may look great. Then several months of simulated trading looks good too. However, I often hear, “But I still don’t think that it’s ready”. UncertaintyThis feeling is something all traders feel. I […]

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Reasonable capital required for day trading futures?

A good rule of thumb is that a reasonable risk per day for a day trader is from 2% to 5%. A moderate level of risk is around 3% of your capital. The new CME e-micros makes it possible to get started with trivial amounts of risk (from $500 to $1,000 or even less). However, the e-micros are […]

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Top 4 Myths of System Trading

So you want to become a successful system trader. That’s great! Back in 2006, I had a great idea. I was going to become a day trader and make a bunch of money. So, I did something brilliant. I borrowed $20,000 on credit cards (cash advance) to fund my new endeavor.Making a bunch of money […]

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The Tough Truth About Part Time Trading

part time trading

Practically every week, I get an e-mail or two from an aspiring trader. “I want to make some extra money trading”, the story usually goes. Sometimes it is from young adults, already scrambling to get out of the rat race. Other times it is from a retired folk who suddenly realize that money is tight, […]

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