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3 Techniques to Avoid Consecutive Losing Trades

In my experience trading futures, I have found that most damaging losses are caused by taking consecutive losing trades, i.e. runs of losing trades or correlated loses. In this post, I share 2 simple methods and 1 advanced method to avoid consecutive losses which can be applied to your trading systems and discretionary trading.The first […]

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Reasonable capital required for day trading futures?

A good rule of thumb is that a reasonable risk per day for a day trader is from 2% to 5%. A moderate level of risk is around 3% of your capital. The new CME e-micros makes it possible to get started with trivial amounts of risk (from $500 to $1000 or even less). However, the e-micros are […]

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Better RSI Entries

Mean reversion systems, such as those based on RSI, suffer significant performance degradation when stop losses are applied for risk control. In previous posts, I shared how one could could create more powerful RSI systems by using adaptive periodicity and multi-state regime classifiers.The key idea for better RSI entries is that there may be a unique optimal RSI […]

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