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Implementing Finite State Machine Functionality with EasyLanguage

Last Trade Was a Loser Filter – To Use or Not To UsePremiseA major component of the Turtle algorithm was to skip the subsequent 20-day break out if the prior was a winner. I guess Dennis believed that the success/failure of a trade had an impact on the outcome of the subsequent trade. I have […]

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The Complete Turtle Easylanguage


The Complete Turtle EasyLanguage – Almost!I have seen a plethora of posts on the Turtle trading strategies where the rules and code are provided.  The codes range from a mere Donchian breakout to a fairly close representation.  Without dynamic portfolio feedback its rather impossible to program the portfolio constraints as explained by Curtis Faith in […]

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Free Trend Following System With Indicator Tracker

Free Trend Following SystemHere is a free Trend Following System that I read about on Andreas Clenow’s www.followthetrend.com website and from his book. This is my interpretation of the rules as they were explained. However, the main impetus behind this post wasn’t to provide a free trading system, but to show how you can program […]

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A Project for TradeStation Day-Traders

Here is a neat little day trader system that takes advantage of what some technicians call a “CLEAR OUT” trade.  Basically traders push the market through yesterday’s high and then when everybody jumps on board they pull the rug out from beneath you. This strategy tries to take advantage of this. As if it’s OK, […]

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A Cool And Easy Way To Analyze Chart Patterns With TradeStation

Have you every tested different combinations of closing or opening relationships to uncover the following days probability of either closing up or down.  I am sure you have tested selling after two down closes or just the opposite:  buying after two up closes.  Testing the relationship between two days is easy but when you go […]

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