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Using The Bullish Outside Indicator Could Be A Start of A Profitable Trading System

I came across an article at the blog, Jay On The Markets, that talked about applying a bullish outside indicator on a monthly chart. The article I read is entitled “One Sign That the Bull May Still Have Legs”. In this article, Jay talks about the incredible run the U.S. broad market has experienced as of […]

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Building An Intraday RSI Trading System

Let’s build an Intraday RSI trading system. I’ve spent a reasonable amount of time exploring trading systems based upon two-period RSI. But can we create an intraday system with this indicator? Let’s try.There are many articles on this site about the popular 2-period RSI strategy popularized by Larry Connors. Not to beat a dead horse, […]

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Euro Scalping Strategy – How Did It Do?

I created a six-part series on building a Euro Futures trading system on a 5-minute chart a few years back. Inspired by an idea found back in 2013, I ran with it.The Key Idea of this strategy is that the Euro Futures market rarely goes beyond a 1% distance from a 200-period simple moving average […]

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Creating Strategies Using Build Alpha

I’ve been building trading systems for over 15 years. Over those years, my method for building strategies has evolved. My method is summed up very well in the blog post, How To Build Profitable Trading Systems and summarized in the infographic below. My approach for building strategies is a manual process of coding, testing, editing, […]

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The Oscillator Indicator. Does It Work?

I recently watched the video, “Oscillator Trading Indicator!, a trading system for all assets!”, on the StatOasis channel. It’s a simple trading concept based upon an oscillator indicator. When I see videos like this, I’m very skeptical. Most of what you see on YouTube will not work. Thus, it’s time to put this concept to the […]

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Can A Price Pattern Beat an Indicator?

I’ve seen people use simple price action patterns in place of inicators. For example,  Larry Connors and Cesar Alvarez really popularized the 2-period RSI. It works really well when createing mean-reversion strategies on the stock index markets. However, can you find a simple price pattern that will work just as well?Here is an idea, losing […]

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Testing the FM Demodulator Filter

Within the June 2021 issues of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, you’ll find an article by John Ehlers called, “Creating More Robust Trading Strategies With The FM Demodulator.” This filter is purported to help reduce the variation of parameter settings. Put another way, using this filter should help with increasing the robustness of a […]

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Using Gap Zones To Improve The Overnight Edge

In this article, I will see if applying Gap Zones to the Overnight Edge will improve performance. Gap Zones are a quick filter you can use for your strategies as well. The code used in this article is available for you to use!This article is a continuation of a previous article, The Overnight Edge. As a […]

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Will A Synthetic VIX Help Your Trading?

On a recent discussion on our EasyLanguage Mastery FaceBook group, a reader pointed out an interesting indicator called, VIX Fix. The VIX Fix was designed by Larry Williams to overcome the limitations of the VIX. What would that be? It’s only available for the S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite, and DJIA. But what about the other […]

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Trade Recorder Function And Strategy

When developing, testing, or simply tracking an existing trading system it can be helpful to have each individual trade exported to a text file. Such data can be useful in analyzing the system performance in Excel. For example, the data can be used to calculate the trading system’s Expectancy and Expectancy Score. Or, the data […]

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