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Measuring Success: Key Performance Metrics

When you see the performance of a trading system, how do you know it’s okay? How do you know it’s the right system for you?Many people look at the net profit assuming the more profit system must be the better system. This is often far from a good idea. When comparing trading systems during the […]

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Get Rid of That I Can’t Code In EasyLanguage Problem!

In last week’s article I demonstrated some of the amazing things you can do with EasyLanguage. Knowing EasyLanguage allows you to rise above most other retail traders. I think learning to use EasyLanguage correctly is a vital skill set.With that in mind, how do you go about learning EasyLanguage?I’m not sure how and where you are […]

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Why You Need To Learn Easylanguage Now!

In last week’s article I talked about how EasyLanguage helped me transform from a losing trader into a winning trader. In this week’s article I’m going to show you what you can do with EasyLanguage. I’m going to show you how EasyLanguage can be used to help determine which indicators, price patterns, and trading systems will work. […]

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From Losing Trader To Superhero By Doing This One Thing!

Do you have a trading super power? I do.It’s knowing EasyLanguage! Yep, that’s my trading super power and I’m going to explain why. I’m also going to try to convince you that you should learn EasyLanguage as well.This is a part one of a 3-part series on why I think you need to learn EasyLanguage. At […]

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The Overnight Edge

Take Profit Seasonality on Overnight Trading

In this article I’m going to highlight a trading edge that appears in many different instruments and markets including both the futures and equity markets. It’s an edge that has persisted for well over two decades. This edge is a long bias that occurs in the “overnight” session as defined by the U.S. markets. Traders […]

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The One Thing Before Building A Intraday Trading System

If you have been reading EasyLanguage Mastery for a while you’re probably familiar with how I develop trading systems. The very first step is to come up with a simple idea to act as the seed or core of your trading system. I call this your key concept. This key concept is a simple observation […]

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Using The Bullish Outside Indicator Could Be A Start of A Profitable Trading System

I came across an article over at the blog, Jay On The Markets, that talked about applying a bullish outside indicator on a monthly chart. The article I was reading is entitled, “One Sign That the Bull May Still Have Legs​”. In this article Jay talks about the incredible run the U.S. broad market has experienced […]

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Rapid Price Pattern Testing

Have you ever wondered what the market does after three down closes in a row? How about what happens after a pivot low is formed and the RSI is below 30? What happens after two inside bars and a breakout to the downside? Searching these types of patterns is one way to locate edges in […]

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Why Trading The Wrong Timeframe is Killing Your Trading Account

What timeframe should you trade?Here is a big hint: the smaller the timeframe, the more difficult it is to develop a successful system. In other words, developing a system to trade on a 5-minute chart is more difficult than developing a system that trades on a daily bar.There is a lot more noise on the […]

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Will A Synthetic VIX Help Your Trading?

On a recent discussion on our EasyLanguage Mastery FaceBook group, a reader pointed out an interesting indicator called, VIX Fix. The VIX Fix was designed by Larry Williams to overcome the limitations of the VIX. What would that be? It’s only available for the S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite, and DJIA. But what about the other […]

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