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Here Is My Secret Weapon To Trade Like A Hedge Fund

In this article, I will show you how a new web-based tool will make your life easier by helping you build trading systems more efficiently, saving you a bunch of time. This tool is EasyLanguage-based, and it’s going to help you take your strategy building to the next level.Read on as I show you exactly […]

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Creating Strategies Using Build Alpha

I’ve been building trading systems for over 15 years. Over those years, my method for building strategies has evolved. My method is summed up very well in the blog post, How To Build Profitable Trading Systems and summarized in the infographic below. My approach for building strategies is a manual process of coding, testing, editing, […]

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Trade Recorder Function And Strategy

When developing, testing, or simply tracking an existing trading system it can be helpful to have each individual trade exported to a text file. Such data can be useful in analyzing the system performance in Excel. For example, the data can be used to calculate the trading system’s Expectancy and Expectancy Score. Or, the data […]

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Using TradeStation Projects Feature

When working in TradeStation’s Development Environment (TDE), you may find yourself working on a strategy, function and paintbar all at the same time. For example, when creating the article, Capture The Big Moves, I created a strategy, a function and paintbar to demonstrate the weekly RSI signal. The painter paints the price candles red or […]

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Learn How To Easily Read Files With EasyLanguage

Have you ever wanted to use an external data within your TradeStation strategy, indicator or paint bar? There is no easy way to have standard EasyLanguage read data from a file. With object oriented EasyLanguage (OOEL) you can do it, but not everyone is comfortable with OOEL.Well, now you can easily read data from a […]

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How to Run TradeStation on a Mac (Updated for 2020)

I been using TradeStation on a Mac since 2010. The best tech decision I ever made! But it hasn’t all been plain sailing – Apple hardware isn’t perfect, their ‘Retina’ displays require special settings and it is definitely more expensive than running TradeStation on a PC. Here’s a summary of what I’ve learned about running TradeStation […]

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A Flexible Trailing Stop Function

The Anatomy of a StopA stop can be defined by specifying four basic parameters, illustrated in Figure 1 below:Price Reference: The price from which the stop is offset (white line) to create a stop value.Stop Offset: The distance from the Price Reference to the stop value.Price Trigger: The value of price that will trigger the stop. […]

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Are your backtest results fooling you?


Have you ever started trading a strategy that performs well in the backtests but delivers a very different result when you begin trading it with real money?Could your backtest reports be fooling you by indicating a strategy is great but really only showing you part of the overall picture?How do you give yourself a better […]

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Gap Strategy Tool, Part 2

In a previous article, Gap Strategy Tool, I demonstrated how you can use EasyLanguage to create a simple strategy that analyzes the percentage of times a gap closes. We broke  gaps sizes up into “Groups” based upon their size. We then dtermined what was the probability of a gap clsoing based upon which group it […]

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